Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disney Vacations Homes For the Smart and Frugal Tourist

Any smart and frugal tourist will look for different alternatives on accommodations when they go for a trip and Disney Vacation Homes can provide an excellent alternative to hotels. If you have not heard of them and continue to stay in hotels during a vacation then, you will be quite surprised that there is another way of spending your vacation. To those who love going to theme parks choosing to stay at Disney World Pool Homes will make the whole trip even more memorable and less expensive. We all know how theme park tickets can eat up most of out budget and so looking for ways to make it more affordable is just a practical move.

Having watched several Disney movies on TV or in the theatres just creates an exciting feeling that you can get up close and personal with different Disney characters in Disney Resort. However, theme park experience can be pricey most especially if you choose to stay in hotels located inside Disney World. They can definitely give you a grand lifetime experience but you might spend a lifetime paying for that experience as well. Have you ever wonder why there are people who kept on coming back to Disney without getting so worried about the expenses? It is because they choose to stay in Disney Vacation Homes.

Guests can fix their own meals anytime of the day because the whole package includes a working kitchen. Imagine your bill when all you can eat will be limited to the Disney World hotel expensive meals and we all know that food within the theme park is not that cheap. The longer you plan to stay the more you can save. What makes the idea of staying in Disney World Pool Homes even more exciting is that fact that they offer bigger rooms and more bathrooms. You might argue that most of the day you are in the theme park so it would not matter at all. You might be surprised when you arrive at your hotel room after a long day enjoying the shows and rides in Disney World and wish you got a larger room. Not only that, the inconvenience of sharing a bathroom with many people can be so annoying.

If you are quite worried if these Disney Vacation Homes are located far away from the theme park then forget about your worries. They are located very near the gates of Disney World. They are only 10 to 15 minutes away and so getting there would be easy. You can choose to have a resort-like vacation home by trying the Disney World Pool Homes wherein you can a refreshing swim at your own private pool after an exhausting day at the theme park. It beats having to share a swimming pool with other guests in a hotel. The best thing of about them is that the rates are very competitive and are lower than those of Disney World hotel room rates. If you will avail of any of the vacation packages, theme park tickets will be included in discounted prices. All of these advantages can be yours during your Disney World vacation.