Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best Hiking Backpacks

Mountaineering and outdoor gear companies manufacture backpacks by taking into consideration three important factors, namely the purpose, the weight that is to be carried, and the posture of the user. Believe it or not, all these factors are deeply pondered upon and appropriate research and development is done and enough thought is put in, to make your hike and camping trip an enjoyable one. The best hiking backpacks are not just stitched up sacks that you can use for packing for a hike. They are engineered as per your convenience and comforts. Choosing the best backpacks for hiking is not a difficult job, but here's what you can do...

Choosing the Best Backpack for Hiking

Selecting a good backpack for hiking is not simple and a visit to the camping gear store will put you into further confusion. Here are a few points that you can consider while buying a backpack. First consider the volume of outdoor gear that you will be able to carry comfortably, because you are not able to carry a lot of stuff, a big backpack will tend to be very very uncomfortable. For small one day hikes, you will find that smaller, compact backpacks that fit snugly on your back and shoulders are more comfortable, and will give you a certain ease in movement. Most of these bag packs have extension flaps or faster facilities, on which you shall be able to put up your sleeping bag or bed roll. These bags also have certain external pouches that you can attach in cases is you wish to carry additional gear. Remember a backpack that is unbearable and uncomfortable might injure your back. When you are going for longer hikes and treks, you can carry a small strapped side bag to carry the extra load. Make sure that the straps are a bit broad and the inside of the straps and the back of bag is cushioned.

The bigger hiking bags are meant for a longer hike of a few days. Some of these bags may also have a 'frame' at the back. Choosing the best hiking backpacks from this range is always difficult, as the size is large by default and the bag is like a big cube-on. There are two good leads that you can use while purchasing such a bag. First, let it be comfortable for your back and shoulders. Secondly, after you wear the bag on your shoulders, it should barely touch your hips. Anything longer and shorter will create back pain and shoulder pain. Your hips sustain some amount of weight in such a situation.

How to Pack a Backpack

When you purchase the best backpacks you will also have to know how to pack a backpack properly. The best trick is to equally distribute weight throughout the bag. Put water bottles and the medical kit in the outer pockets where you can reach for them quickly. The food and clothing shall go into the middle and bigger compartment. The outer fastening flap is reserved for your sleeping bag. After you are done packing the bag, make sure that you wear it a couple of times, and make adjustments to make it more comfortable. The weight of the bag should be symmetrical on a horizontal as well as vertical axis. Make sure that you do not strain any part of your body, especially your shoulders.

Another very important point, that I wish to emphasize upon, is that never ever go in for cheap and substandard packs as they are bound to harm your shoulders or back. Purchase some really well designed backpacks by manufacturers such as North Face, Black Diamond, Eagle Creek. In case, if you are unable to find the bags by these manufacturer, you can also go in for bags made by sports gear manufacturers like, Nike, Addidas or Reebok. An excellent option is purchasing a backpacks from the armed forces supply stores. These are the best hiking backpacks that you can get.