Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Winter Vacation Spots in US

Often summer months are looked upon as vacation time. However, it need not be. One can take vacations in winter as well. This winter you may want to be different and rather spend your holidays by taking a winter vacation. There are a number of vacation spots from which you can choose your winter vacation. One can choose to do a number of activities like snow skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating, snow boarding, etc. With this, rather than spending your Christmas vacation at home, you will enjoy it outdoors. You will be able to enjoy a different hue of nature all together. In this write up, we will concentrate on some of the best winter vacation spots in US.

Best Winter Vacation Destinations in the US

Depending on what kind of climate you like, you can choose your family vacation destination. If you like warmer climes, then you will want to head down south for some good warm winter vacation spots. On the other hand, if you like snow covered mountains and are the adventurous kinds, then you will need to go up north and enjoy the snow clad mountains.

Hershey, Pennsylvania
This is one of the great winter vacation destinations. The time before and during Christmas is the best time to visit Hershey. It is in December, that they have Candyland running. The entire place is illuminated with a number of lights, also called Christmas lights.

Lake Tahoe
A lot of people look at Lake Tahoe as a summer vacation destination, however, it is also one of the top 10 best winter vacation destinations. It borders the states of California and Nevada. One can choose to do a number of activities there. Since, everyone in the family can pick up an activity of his or her choice in Lake Tahoe, it is one among the winter vacations for families. If you like to enjoy snow, then you will be surprised to know, that Lake Tahoe gets as much as 360 inches of snow fall in a year. Other than the numerous resorts, who offer a number of vacation packages, there are also the Rocky Mountains, which you may want to visit.

Utah offers a number of good winter vacation spots. If you are an outdoor junkie, then you have a wide variety of winter vacation spots from which you can choose your vacation. There are a number of ski vacations destinations, which you may want to try. The areas of Snowbird and Alta provide have best ski areas. Then there is the Park City and the Canyons, where you may want to take a vacation. It also has Utah's largest ski arena.

Yellowstone National Park
The Yellowstone National Park is one of the best winter vacation spots in US. Contrary to popular belief it is not only a popular summer vacation destination. The park is open also in winters. Choosing a winter vacation package offered will give you the program, you would want to undertake, when you are visiting the park. There are a lot of interesting things, which you can learn at this winter vacation destination in USA.

Among the best winter vacations in the US, one has to mention the largest state in the United States. It is located northwest. It is one of the best winter vacations ideas, as one can enjoy dog sledding, view the northern lights, etc. In other words this spot for winter vacations in US has something to offer for all age groups. A winter family vacation tip for a vacation in Alaska is to carry right kind of clothing, so as to protect yourself from the cold.

Yosemite National Park
If you are looking for a winter vacation spots in California, then Yosemite National Park makes for a good option. The park is famous for its waterfalls, meadows, wetlands, rock formations, etc. For detailed information, you may want to take a look at the park's website. One can also undertake cross-country skiing, ice skating, etc. Other than this there are other Yosemite national park activities, which you may want to consider.

New York
New York is known as one of the best winter honeymoon spots. In winter it is brimming with romance. Depending upon your liking, you can plan your romantic vacation. Upstate New York will offer you a variety of entertainment options.

These were some of the best winter vacation spots. Apart from these spots, you may want to give winter camping a thought as well. Camping in winter can also be interesting. However, make sure you are well prepared to bare the cold, when you go out camping to one of the best winter vacation spots in US. If you are a beach lover, then beaches can also be an option you may want to consider and spend a great vacation.