Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Central America

Honeymoon destinations are hard to find, always. The type of destination a couple would choose, depends solely on what their idea of a honeymoon is. Some want the adventure and some want to just dwell in the tranquility of nothingness. The best part about the best honeymoon destinations in Central America is that they'll offer you the best of both worlds. Central America vacation ideas include some breathtaking scenic wonders to some risky adrenaline adventures, so you will be offered everything you could ever ask for. Central America mostly has a tropical climate and lots of beaches for you to have some fun and enjoy each others company. Central American romantic getaways are famous tourist destinations globally, some of which are listed below. Take a look!

Some of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Central America

Central America, called a subcontinent under some definitions, can be roughly described as the region between the two continents, namely North and South America. It includes the states of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic as well. All these destinations have in turn, multiple spots for you to visit. On the west of Central America lies the North Pacific Ocean, while on the east lies the Caribbean Sea, giving you some great options in respect to beaches.

Destinations in Costa Rica
Undoubtedly, you will find some of the best honeymoon destinations in Central America here, as the main industry of the Republic of Costa Rica is tourism, which also gives us an idea about the number of options we have here. The first thing you need to do, if you're on a long holiday, is to visit all the 7 natural wonders of Costa Rica, which are Cocos Island, Arenal Volcano (Alajuela), Chirripo Mountain, Light Blue River, Tortuguero Canals, Poás Volcano and the Monteverde Reserve. At the Poás Volcano, the main attraction is the crater. Other attractions that make Costa Rica one of the best honeymoon destinations are the coffee plantations at Orosi Valley, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, and Manuel Antonio National Park. The Cocos Island is an eco-tourism spot, nominated for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Destinations in El Salvador
El Salvador is the smallest country by area in Central America, but has some of the top honeymoon destinations in Central America. A country famous for its nightlife and numerous beaches, this should be your choice if you are looking for some absolute fun and nothing else. Every year, the country hosts a number of European and North American tourists. Some of the attractions you should visit together include the Coatepeque Lake, Laguna de Alegria and Moncagua (San Miguel). The beaches in El Salvador are renowned as Surfers Paradise, as they are among the top ten beaches globally, and have the best waves for surfing. Some of the best beaches here are La Libertad, Suchitoto, Playa Las Flores, Ruta Las Flores, Santa Ana, and La Palma. Also make sure you visit the village of Concepcion de Ataco and the San Diego Volcano.

Friday, January 13, 2012

What to Bring on a Road Trip

The spontaneity and excitement of a road trip is unparalleled by any other. And with the vacation time round the corner, a few weeks of fun on the open, wide roads, can be an experience of a lifetime. Having said that, road trips can be a nightmare if not properly planned. You obviously do not want to be lost in some god forsaken place, in freezing temperatures, eating refried beans and cheese burritos. So, for all those who want to make their trip a fulfilling and fun experience, make a checklist for the road trip. This should include a checking of your vehicle, preparing for emergencies, stocking in on your entertainment needs and getting your navigational tools in place. Oh, and I forgot the most important part of the road trip planning process, i.e stocking up the food and the drinks for the trip. I know this may go against the spirit of a spontaneous road trip, but believe me it will save you lots of hassles on the road, not to mention a significant amount of money. One of the most important part of road trip preparation, is to determine what to bring on a road trip. The obvious thumb rule when packing for a road trip, is that 'less is more'. So instead of stockpiling a whole lot of things into your car, make a checklist of what you need on the trip. Making a checklist is the best travel tip possible, as it ensures that nothing is forgotten in a last minute hurry.

Things to Bring on a Road Trip

Luggage Sets: Select the smallest duffel bag or a backpack that you can find, and try to fit in the stuff that you need for the journey, into it. Leave behind the big suitcases, as there are very few things less pleasant than having to haul a giant suitcase around, when traveling. For a long journey pack your clean clothes into small plastic bags and throw in a large laundry bag, for the soon to be dirty clothes. Also make sure to pack a pair of comfortable sandals and a good pair of hiking shoes for the journey.

Music: What is a good road trip without great music so whether you are in a car, van, or an RV, stock up the CDs for a long journey. However sometimes the ready-made playlists and albums can get quite boring. A great idea is to use an iPod and just borrow songs from the people you visit. Please do not count on the radio, unless you want to be stuck with bad twangy pop and Christian radio.

Camera: This is a must have for all those people, who are not quite so eloquent with words. Describing the fun you had on your great adventure journey can be easy, if you have loads of pictures. Well, you do not have to be a pro to get the right shots. With a simple point and shoot digital camera, you can show them to your grandchildren, when you are really old.

A GPS Navigation System: Say goodbye to your travel maps. GPS navigation systems with built in maps, are an ideal way of making the chances of your getting lost from slim to nil. It not only shows you where you are on the map but also provides real-time updates of your location. In addition, they offer automatic route-planning and turn-by-turn directions, making it virtually impossible to get lost.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Best Amusement Parks in America

I completely agree with what Doug Coupland says in the above quote. Indeed, this compulsion of turning to relationships for entertainment was what kept relationships intact. You see, as is with most machines and body parts, relationships often lose their functionality when they are not regularly oiled with the lubricants of intimacy, concern, communication and rendezvous. Now, you must be wondering what does this lecture on relationships has to do with best amusement parks in America, right? Well, I see amusement and theme parks as a great machinery to reinforce emotional bonds and packs a family of any other closed social unit tighter. Don't get my point? Doesn't it feel great to laugh with people you love? Isn't it a great relief to share your grief with you family and close friends? Didn't it feel awesome to scream together on the roller coaster ride the last time you visited an amusement park with your family or gang of thick pals? Now do you get my point?

Amusement parks never lose their appeal to us, no matter what age we are. As kids, they fascinate us with their wide array of games, rides and various other entertainment booths and food stalls. As grown ups, they remind us of our juvenile years when we had so much fun visiting these amusement parks. The rides that had once scared us as kids thrill our adult senses and watching small children re`cting the same way we did to those giant wheels take us on a trip down memory lane. Amusement parks always make me sentimental and before I get carried away any more by nostalgia, let's take a trip to some of the best amusement parks in America.

America's Best Amusement Parks

Although America is a treasure trove o entertainment and abounds in enchanting amusement parks, following are some of the best that you can take a trip to, especially if you're a tourist or on a vacation to the Americas.

Cedar Point, Sandusky (Ohio)
A sprawling 364 acre premise boasting of 17 roller coasters, 75 other rides, 10 daily shows and a water park is a thing to be reckoned with. Undoubtedly one of the best amusement parks in the US, Cedar Point is a thrilling escape for those who seek an adrenaline rush as well as for those who need a quiet break from life's rat race. No doubt, this is one of the best theme parks in America.

Walt Disney World, Orlando (Florida)
If it's anything to do with Disney, it's gotta be magical! Besides the tremendous amount of recreational options available, Disney World offers a wealth of ocular gratification in the form of beautiful landscapes and iconic imagery. A total of four different Disney theme parks, several water parks, shopping areas, concert venues, restaurants and food joints make this amusement park more of an amazement park! This theme park is definitely worth a visit in a lifetime, I must say!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

South Asian Culture

The South Asian culture is a mixed bowl of a number of different influencing societies, nationalities, ethnic traditions and cultural heritages. The sub-continent is a pot pourrie from the Western-centric perspective and is commonly divided into natural geographic and cultural regions. The region comprises North Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, South West Asia, South East Asia and the Caucasus. Interestingly, and adding to the enigma of the region, Asia is not a distinct continent, geographically. It is distinctly home to commonalities in culture and there has been little or no unity within the natural framework.

South Asian culture comprises its art, cuisine, music, literature, philosophy, religions and the complex relationship between the common, traditional cultures. Home to Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam, Confucianism and Christianity, South Asian culture is rich and varied. The nations of South Asia share an ethnic background and most of the territorial divisions have come up only in the recent past. These similar cultures were basically separated due to varying religious compositions. The culture springs from the rich early Indus Valley Civilization that saw the influx and mix of the Aryan and Dravidian races. The populace component of South Asia eventually mingled to form a unique common culture.

The major exodus from the northwest, near the borders of Afghanistan, saw a major influence on the religions of the sub continent, with the arrival of Islam. Though, in the traditional South Asian culture most divisions were based on religion, the commonalities are seen in common interests in sports, shared history, geographical conditions, occupations, lifestyles, food and dress. The temples and places of worship are architectural marvels and completely rebuilt, in the same style, every few years. The common material used in the building includes wood, thatch and stone.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Book One Way Car Rental

Booking a Car Rental:
Booking a one way car rental makes sense if you are taking a one way road trip and have other or no plans for a return journey. There are plenty of companies offering one way car rental. Nowadays researching online is the easiest and quickest way to find and book a one way car rental. Most rental companies have put online the detailed information regarding their rental policies and they can also be reached via email for more details.

Before contacting the rental agency, have a clear idea about -
  • The destination you are headed for.
  • The route you are planning on taking.
  • If you are going to drive the entire way or if there will be another person taking turns at the driving.
  • The number of passengers, if any, in the car.
  • The type of car you want.
  • Your rental budget.
  • The details of your insurance policies, particularly the automobile and liability insurance policies and if these cover car rentals.
When searching for one way car rental companies, do the following -
  • Find out if the company has offices and drop off places along the route you are taking or in the cities you will be visiting. Major car rental companies are more likely to have a high percentage of drop off places around the country. It also is reassuring to rent from a company with an established reputation. You stand a better chance of getting a quality car and less chances of being scammed or ripped off.
  • Whether you book your vehicle online or at the car rental office, make sure you carefully read the rental agreement and restrictions and that you understand all the terms and conditions thoroughly. If you don't comprehend any of the terms, ask the agent to clarify them for you. You don't want to get into a legal bind for overlooking some detail.
  • Find out if there is a penalty for no-shows.